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Sarah Skoterro


Extensive and diverse fiscal and operational proficiency and innovation directing, developing, training, implementing and stewarding healthcare programs with divisional and service line initiatives focused on best practices for staff and patients within the context of managed care, Medicaid and Medicare structures, and private resources, linked with primary care integration and responsiveness to national quality measures.

Leadership experience spanning 17 years for non-profit organizations, community advocacy and consulting with non-for-profit entities to implement and manage change strategies and program redevelopment/restructuring and resourcing.



leadership development consultant shawna hartley

Shawna Hartley

Director of Government/Licensing Relations and Program Development

Dedicated healthcare professional with over 25 years’ experience of meeting company goals utilizing consistent and organized practices. 

Skilled in engaging health care organization staff in interactive discussions on accreditation issues in health care to assess compliance and identify opportunities for improving systems of care. 

Skilled at assisting providers in starting up new service provisions in state, non-profit and for-profit organizations based on best practice models, and facilitating transformational system changes.  



leadership development consultant

Nicole Ortiz

Healthcare Professional

Nicole Ortiz has clinical and research interests which include interpersonal communication, trauma, and authenticity. She is actively sought out as a seminar leader, trainer, and clinical advisor.

In addition to facilitating DBT centered group therapy, Nicole is a therapist, coach, author, and has created curriculum designed to facilitate self-discovery while honoring authenticity.

Nicole served as the Director of Clinical Services for one of the most renowned residential trauma programs in the United States.



Dr. Ursula Whiteside

Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Ursula Whiteside is a licensed clinical psychologist, CEO of NowMattersNow.org and Clinical Faculty at the University of Washington. As a researcher, she has been awarded grants from the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Clinically, she began her training with Dr. Marsha Linehan in 1999 and later served as a DBT-adherent research therapist on a NIMH-funded clinical trial led by Dr. Linehan. Dr. Whiteside is a group and individual certified DBT clinician. Now, she treats high-risk suicidal clients in her small private practice in Seattle using DBT and caring contacts.

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leadership development consultant Laura Macpherson

Laura Macpherson

Healthcare Leader

Laura MacPherson is a Healthcare Leader who supports organizations, large and small, as they integrate new types of practice into already existing systems. She is particularly knowledgeable in the areas of hiring-for-diversity, midwifery, group health care, and mental health. All her work is done with an equity lens, and with a focus on community integration.



Sarah Couch, LCSW

Integrative Expert of Government System's Integration

Sarah Couch has dedicated her career to helping systems work collaboratively. Her work has included grant management, community organizing, legislative and legal advocacy, program development, leadership training and coaching. 

Her knowledge base of current trends in mental health and cross system efforts is comprehensive and includes taking complex systemic ideals and creating relatable and understandable processes. 

As a trainer and speaker, Sarah engages audiences in learning experiences that bypasses the traditional. Sarah owns the group mental health practice Word Song, LLC. 

Lou Duran

Business Director



Danielle Roberts

Website Design and Development

MechenbierIT provides small and large IT solutions for your business so your employees are able to work efficiently and streamline processes.

By hearing instead of just listening, we are able to understand any issues that can slow down a company’s success and erase them through With over 25 years of IT design and implementation, website creation and graphic design, MechenbierIT is ready to help you succeed in the tech aspect of any business. Covering design, tech, digital and mobile development, custom software, digital tech creation and mobile tech creation, we have something for everyone.

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