Policy and Procedure Writing

Well-written, up-to-date policies and procedures reduce practice variability that may result in substandard care and patient harm.


The Purpose

Formalized, written policies and procedures fulfill a number of important purposes:

  • Facilitate adherence with recognized professional practices.
  • Promote compliance with regulations, statutes, and accreditation requirements (e.g. HIPAA, EMTALA, CMS Conditions of Participation, DNV/Joint Commission).
  • Reduce practice variation.
  • Standardize practices across multiple entities within a single a health system.
  • Serve as a resource for staff, particularly new personnel.
  • Reduce reliance on memory, which, when overtaxed, has been shown to be a major source of human errors or oversights.

These functions demonstrate how central policies and procedures are to the healthcare system’s patient safety program.

Core Service Offerings

We develop and maintain reliable, accurate and current health care compliance policies and procedures that are key to building and enhancing your Compliance Program.


Creation and Writing 

Excel Launch offers a robust set of compliance and HIPAA policies and procedures and other key documents.


Research and Development

We conduct on-going research and identify best practices to up-to-date with today’s health care laws, regulations and rules.


HIPAA Compliance

Our consultants provide HIPAA-compliant solutions and services that help you protect and secure sensitive healthcare information.


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